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St.Trinity temple
Wednesday, 15 May 2013

On the 30th of August 2007 V.V. Putilin, a mayor of Bataisk, held a meeting concerning the problem of completing of St.Trinity temple construction.
The General Director of Rostovgiproshaht - Gurin and an archpriest - Sergy Nalivaiko participated in the meeting.
Valery Petrovich actively makes charity contributions in the construction of one of the most beautiful temples in Rostov region.
For the construction of St.Trinity temple Rostovgiproshaht made free of charge design and survey works of external and on-site networks, paid 3 million rubles for the cupolas and windows.
On behalf of the congregation father Sergy asked for financing of the finishing works and altar's decoration.
Gurin V.P. undertook the obligations of the works financing.