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Designing is an initial stage of any construction.

Designing of enterprises, buildings and constructions activity, according to the state standard includes development of the design documentation concerned with construction, expansion, reconstruction, major renovation and modernization of the enterprises, buildings and residential, industrial, social, cultural and community, special and other purposed constructions and their complexes, engineering and transport infrastructures.

"Rostovgiproshaht" gets the designing assignment for either object from customer. The recommended structure and content of the given assignment is stipulated in the of the order of development, coordination, approval and structure of the design documentation Instruction concerning the construction of the enterprises and buildings.

As a rule designing consists of the following stages:

- The substantiation of investments into construction

- The project (the technical and economical substantiation

- The working documentation

After the corresponding authorities have coordinated either customers' assignment for object designing or the petition (declaration) of the project intention statement then the development of a substantiation of investments begins. The structure of the substantiation of investments standard includes given and basic initial characteristics of the object of investment, a place of the object location, the production nomenclature, the basic technological and building decisions, provision the object with resources, an estimation of the environmental influence, the staff and social development, the order of the cost of construction definition, an economic estimation of the decisions efficiency, conclusions and offers.

Results of Substantiations form the basis for economic necessity decision-making, technical ability, commercial, economic and social expediency of investments into construction, getting the Choice of a plot for the object to locate and performance of design and explorational works Statement.

The decisions made in Substantiations, as well as the basic technical and economic parameters are detailed by the "Rostovgiproshaht" experts in the design documentation.

The project of the enterprises, buildings and erections construction answering the industrial and housing purposes consists of the following section:

General explanatory note; the General plan and transport; Technological decisions;

The organization and working conditions. Production and enterprise management;

Architectural - building decisions; the Engineering equipment, networks and systems;

The organization of construction; the environment protection; engineering and technical measures of civil defence. Emergency situations prevention; estimate documentation; investment efficiency.

The working documentation includes object and local estimates, working drawings. The basic working drawings set contains the general plan decisions, architectural - building decisions, including assembly plans and facades with layout and marking of prefabricated products, drawings of interiors, designs, internal plumbing and sewerage, heating and ventilation, external water-supply and sewerage, thermal networks and automation of sanitary-engineering systems. Besides the structure of working drawings includes custom-made materials specifications, prefabricated products and the equipment, sheets of volumes building and assembly works.

Each design stage carried out by "Rostovgiproshaht" is obliged to be coordinated with the interested organizations and executive authorities, and ought to pass the state expert appraisal.
Inspection of a technical condition of buildings and constructions
There is a hole raw of factors, arousing necessity of a technical inspection and assessment of buildings and constructions condition. The major factors are:
- external environmental influence;
- socio-economic environment influence.

The technical and inspectional works are usually subdivided into measuring-inspectional and engineering-designing works.

The measuring-inspectional works include: measurement, inspection of the construction's parts, units and details; the definition of the constructions' factual material strength by means of destroying and nondestroying control; working out the required technical documentation (measuring technical drawings of the accommodation layout, sections, cross-sections of constructive elements, etc).

The engineering-designing works include: detailed construction examination with defects and damages statement, the character, quantity and location of these defects and damages, pointing out the area of taking the materials of building constructions and soil of the base; drawing up the graphic materials (photo materials) of revealed defects and damages; implementation of the test calculations with development (if required) recommendations for further accident-free exploitation.

The inspections on location are implemented by the experts of "Rostovgiproshaht" according to statements in the normative-methodical documents, such as:
Departmental Building Standards 53-86 "the assessment of residential buildings wear and tear rules";
Departmental Building Standards 57-88 "statute of technical residential buildings inspection";
Departmental Building Standards 58-88 "statute of organization and reconstruction, repair and technical inspection of residential buildings, objects of municipal and social and cultural purposes";
Guiding Technical Materials 1652-9-89 "engineering and technical building inspection guidance";

Conclusional document that summarizes results of implemented works is the expert report about object technical condition. This document is a base for the factual cost assessment, expediency and ability for repairing - restoration and reconstructional works, risk assessment.
Carrying out the engineering investigations for constructions
Engineering investigations provide the complex studying of natural and caused by technological activities of people conditions of the territory to be built up. Making prognosis of these objects further interactions with environment, substantiation of their engineering protection and safety population living conditions.
In the structure of engineering investigations include:
  • collecting and processing materials and explorations over the passed years;
  • itinerary observations (reconnaissance inspection);
  • driving of mine workings;
  • geophysical inspections;
  • field soil inspections;
  • stationary supervision;
  • laboratory soil and underground waters inspections;
  • soil of the buildings' base inspection;
  • material treatment carried out in laboratory;
  • making prognosis of engineering-geological conditions changes;
  • assessment of the danger and risk caused geological and engineering-geological processes;
  • drawing the technical report.
Carrying out the engineering investigations should be subordinated to substantiation and solving the raw of project tasks. In the number of tasks, solving by means of engineering-geological investigation materials there are: substantiation of technical ability and economical expediency of object building in the chosen region; comparing the possible variants of the projecting object location and choosing the right; substantiation of building and errections arranging by the chosen plan; the argument of settlement circuits of the bases and environments of buildings and constructions.
Engineering - geodetic researches represent a complex of the geodetic and topographical works which are carried out in strict sequence, and in each case the sequence of performanced works is specified according to the technical project requirements of the customer and accounting the physic-geographical conditions of researches carrying out. The objects of engineering and land-surveying researches are the relief and a situation within the limits of construction area, on a chosen platform or a line.

The structure of engineering - geodetic researches for construction include:
  • collection and processing the materials of engineering researches over the last years, topographic and land-surveying materials and the data and etc;
  • reconnaissance territory inspection;
  • creation of scheduled high-altitude film-making land-surveying networks;
  • topographical survey;
  • renovation of topographical (engineering - topographical) plans in graphic, digital and other forms;
  • the land-surveying works connected with carrying into nature and binding of mining generations, geophysical and other points of engineering researches;
  • material treatment carried out in laboratory;
  • drawing the technical report.
Environment protection
Currently a single state policy is being formed and consistently realized in the field of the ecology, aimed at environment protection and natural resources rational use.

Accepted in 2002 the new Federal law "About environment protection" and the Ecological doctrine of Russian Federation made a legal basis for the state ecological policy perfection, aimed at strengthening of the ecological factors account when economic decisions accepting.

According to the environmental legislation currently in force any economic activities carried out on the Russian Federation territory should meet the requirements of wildlife rational management organization and should not permit any negative environment and personal health influences.

The group of companies "Rostovgiproshaht" carries out documentation development concerned the nature protection at all stages of investment process: an ecological object's location substantiation and influence of environment estimating (OSIE); the section "environment protection"(EP).
OSIE is the first (initial) stage in a number of nature protection actions which are carried out before the economic activities realization. The given procedure concerns to measures of precautionary (preventive) character and is necessarily carried out for planned economic and other activity. The proving documentation of above mentioned procedure is subject to the obligatory state ecological expertise, representing the legal tool of calculation and ecological requirements implementation on the stages of economic, administrative and other decision acceptance.

While developing the section "environment protection" (EP) and carrying out ОВОС experts of "Rostovgiproshaht" implement the current ecological situation analysis and reveal the major factors of negative environment and personal health influence, the basic pollution sources and develop the complex system of actions of environment protection and wildlife rational management.

The section "environment protection" is a necessary element of the design documentation.

Experts of "Rostovgiproshaht" have long-term experience of ecological support of economic activities at all stages of investment process development, and also can provide author's support when the state ecological examination is carried out.
Mining - geological substantiation for construction

Development of mining - geological substantiation for building up of the minerals' bedding areas is conducted on the basis of Statement № 64, developed by Administration of mineral wealth protection and geological and mine-surveyor control of State Mining Technical Supervision of the Russian Federation.

The mining - geological substantiation is the integral part of the designing - technological documentation developed at arrangement and development of deposits of minerals, safe operation of coal-mining manufactures promoting maintenance and protection of earth bowels.

The mountain - geological substantiation of building of the minerals' bedding areas is developed by experts of "Rostovgiproshaht" according to the Management of technological and ecological supervision license, Russian Technical Supervision for mine-surveyor manufacturing including spatial - geometrical measurements of mining development and underground constructions, definition of their parameters, location and conformity to the design documentation; looking after mountain allotments condition and a substantiation of their borders; drawing the mountain graphic documentation up; the account and a substantiation of volumes of mountain development; definition of dangerous zones and protectional measures of mountain developments, buildings, constructions and natural objects from the works influence connected with earth bowels using.

Industrial and civil construction

The group of companies "Rostovgiproshaht" has the license of the Russian Federation State construction and a housing-and-municipal complex committee for realization the buildings and erections construction of I and II levels of responsibility according to state standard on the Russian Federation territory.

According to the given license the structure of activity includes:

General building works

Stone works

Installation of concrete and ferro-concrete designs

the bases and walls of underground part of buildings installation designing elements of an over ground part of buildings installation (columns, frames, crossbars, farms, beams, plates, panels of walls)
installation of ventilating blocks, volumetric blocks of mines, lifts and refuse chutes, sanitary-engineering cabins

Realization of the general contractor functions

Performance of the customer - builder functions

Realization the construction of buildings and erections up to 60 meters height inclusive.

Engineering consulting
Engineering consulting
-Ideas, elaboration and realization of available investment projects;
-Expert evaluation of the technical condition and cost estimation of functioning and acquired enterprises. Consulting on technologies.
-Managerial and engineering analysis of unprofitable and uneconomic productions, providing of recommendations and list of necessary arrangements. Feasibility study elaboration.
-Inspection of the sites for industrial purpose construction or reconstruction of functioning works, providing feasibility study of the construction or reconstruction project (technology, ecology, construction part, work process optimization);
-General contractor's functions;
-Consulting services in construction and equipment procurement;
-Personnel training, recruitment and HR management at the exploitation and construction stages.
Investment consulting
-Business planning;
-Search for investors and their involvement at any stage of the project;
-Elaboration of the unique projects with complete pre-design preparation for potential clients and investors;
-Cost audit;
-Evaluation, cost consulting.