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Nawadays, a sight in the future

The group of enterprises " Rostovgiproshaht "
began its activity in 1954.
It was the period of raising
coal mining volumes due to
construction new mines
and reconstruction
of working ones.

Development history

Gurin Valery Petrovich
The General Director

Performing its functions of the general designer "Rostovgiproshaht" during the first five years of the existence has already provided with the design - estimate documentation construction and reconstruction of tens objects. Realizing, that shortages of the building industry in advanced base and repair enterprises, the housing problems of miner's cities and settlements make it impossible to lift mine-building complex on a required level, designers began to master new kinds of activity and have successfully coped with them.

According to the projects of "Rostovgiproshaht" a complex building of all miner's cities and settlements in the Rostov Region is carried out, residential housing units and objects of a social infrastructure are projected. New hospitals and polyclinics, schools, trade enterprises, sports complexes and cultural - entertainment constructions are constantly emerge.

Variety problems to solve gave an opportunity for "Rostovgiproshaht" to accumulate sufficient experience of designing in different branches of a national economy and to get in the next years a leading position in designing of coal mechanical engineering factories in the European part, and then all over the USSR.

"Rostovgiproshaht" gains the authority and leading positions among the design organizations in the south of Russia.

"Rostovgiproshaht", along with its qualified experts have always been claimed. Our work is known in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Iran and India. Experts of company take active participation in liquidation the consequences of earthquake in Armenian SSR.

Nowadays, according to the Federal Program "the South of Russia", "Rostovgiproshaht" conducts a designing of apartment houses, objects of public health services and building industry in the Czech Republic and Ingushetia Republic.

Looking over a fifty years of "Rostovgiproshaht" labour way , we remembered its founders M.E.Zhurzhu and N.M.Bojtsova, we remember those who has made much for its formation and following development and, first of all, talented organizers, experts and heads. At different periods of time the directors of company were: A.A.Ljamin, N.A.Denshchikov, chief engineers M.S.Vdovenko, I.V.Plavelsky, V.P.Mihin, A.P.Efremov, deputy director G.A.Keleshjan, deputy of chief engineer M.A.Ponomarev, V.M.Petrov, V.I. Kuznesov.

Just the enumeration of engineers of projects, chiefs of departments and the main experts surnames widely known in coal branch, occupies more than one page. Most of them have worked in our organization all their life, still working nowadays.

From the date of "Rostovgiproshaht" formation the collective could go both through glory and adversity, but managed to overcome all difficult positions. All measures which are carried out by "Rostovgiproshaht" today, allow to keep leading positions among the design organizations of region. Having kept the best traditions, the company has developed new style of the activity.

Giving a priority to quality, we recognize that it a way of perfection, development and economic growth and consequently during last years the company constantly worked above improvement of quality and competitiveness of design production.

The system of quality management ИСО 9001:2000 is developed and introduced. The system has received the international certificate.

Due to purposeful work on perfection of a design affair, regular participation in tenders and exhibitions it was possible to expand essentially a field of activity and to provide significant growth of volumes of manufacture. So, the amount of works executed in 2005, has exceeded volume of 2002 in 4,3 times at simultaneous growth of wages.

The work at designing new construction and reconstruction of industrial one, construction engineering, transport and other kinds of construction in Southern Federal district, including the Rostov Region and Rostov -on-Don is volumetric and many-sided.

During the last three years the technological and design documentation on tens objects is developed. There is an incomplete list of these objects.

Apartment houses

  • 16-storeyed residential house on the Koroleva avenue, Rostov-on-Don;
  • 12-storeyed residential house on Krasnih Zor St. in Rostov - on-Don;
  • Construction of two 90-sq. apartment houses in a settlement " Kazachy Lagerya";
  • Building of microdistrict with residential houses on Kostushkina St., K.Marks St. in Gukovo City;
  • Building of the residential block on Svetkova St., Donetsk City;
  • Construction of two 9-storeyed multisection houses in Grosny (on Repina st. and Mira avenue);
  • 5-storeyed residential house of Open joint-stock Company " Grozneftegas" , in Grozny.

Educational establishments

  • Art college by Grecov name, Rostov-on-Don;
  • College of arts in Rostov-on-Don;
  • School on Komintern st. in Beslan , Alaniya;
  • School on Lenin st. in Beslan, Alaniya;
  • School on Lenin st. in Grosny;
  • School on Revolusiya avenue, Grosny.

Preschool establishments

  • the Kindergarten for 90 places in western housing unit of Rostov-on-Don;
  • the Kindergarten for 140 places in Rostov-on-Don (engineering - prospecting works and predesign studies).

Sports constructions

  • Swimming pool of sanatorium by Ordjonikidze name, Sochi City;
  • The Covered sporting field on Portovaya St. in Rostov-on-Don;
  • Athletic complex with stadium for 25000 spectators, international level, Grosny City.

Objects of public health services

  • The Maternity hospital with 250 beds and female consultation for 350 visits per one shift, in Grosny City;
  • Republican clinical hospital in Grosny City;
  • the Dermatovenereal clinic in Grosny;
  • the Chemist's warehouse in Grosny.

Objects of municipal services

  • Withdrawing the water-station "Kizbalka" from technological mode, Rostov-on-Don;
  • Water-station "Malinovsky" construction in Rostov-on-Don;
  • Construction of networks and water supply objects "Bataysk - Western" in the Rostov Region;
  • Costruction of the sewerage system with КНС in Dzheleznodorojny area, Rostov-on-Don (Ambulatornaya St., пер. Derevyanko side-street);
  • Gasification of Zverevo, Rostov Region;
  • Gasification of Gornospasatelny settlement in Donetsk, Rostov Region;
  • Gas provision of Udlerodsky settlement in Tatsinsky area of Rostov Region;
  • The ГРП and gas networks construction in Rabochy settlement, Shahty City;
  • The intersettlement gas pipe ГРС "Tacinskaya- ГРС Skosirsky deposit" construction;
  • Construction of clearing constructions of Open joint-stock company "Sochi sea trading port".

The industrial enterprises

  • The Road-metal factory producing building materials from burned slag-heap of the rock in Shahty City, Rostov Region;
  • The gravel Factory (capacity of 100 thousand м per year) in the Karabulak Republic Ingushetia;
  • Brickwork (capacity 15 million pieces of a brick per year) in Nazran Republic Ingushetia;
  • Brickworks (capacity 5 million pieces of a brick per year) in Sunzhensky Regoin of Ingushetia Republic

The road and transport construction

  • Reduction to a normative condition (major repair) the bridge through Mokry Yelanchik river, Matveevo-Kurgan area, Rostov Region;
  • Reduction to a normative condition (major repair) the motorway in Novorubashkin khutor, Zimovnikovsky area, Rostov Region;
  • Major repair of the motorway in Marinka settlement, Matveevo-Kurgan area, Rostov Region;
  • Reduction to a normative condition the rural motorway "Gigant-Shirokie Nivi", Salsky area, Rostov Region;
  • Motorway construction with engineering buildings in Novonikolaevska-Samarsky-Pervomajsky settlement;
  • Major overhaul of motorway Marfinca-Seleznevka, Matveevo-Kurgan area, Rostov Region.

The coal industry of the Rostov area

Re-structuring of coal branch. The liquidation of Open joint-stock Company "Rostovugol" mines projects and tens equipment designs for technical works on separate objects of mines liquidation and liquidations of consequences of harmful influence from conducting mountain works are developed; Architectural supervision of "Sherlovskaya-Inclined". The working documentation updating.

"Rostovgiproshaht" has an experience of collaboration in all directions of its activity with such states as Ukraines, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Spain, India and others.
Side by side with design works "Rostovgiproshaht" implements the branch programs. In 2005 the program of East Donbass ecological rehabilitation is developed.

In an annual rating of the design and prospecting organizations which is carried by Gosstroy of Russia, "Rostovgiproshaht" according to activity results in 2003-2004 is reckoned in the best twenty among more than two hundred participants.

"Rostovgiproshaht" appreciates the Russian Chief State Expertise estimation which distinguished the economic issue of the projects, as the standard of economic development part of the predesign and design documentation.